beauty and the Beat

A performance at Capital Fringe Festival

What is an Ort


  • A scrap or remainder of food.

    Example sentence:

    ‘The men's job was to operate the sweepers, brushing up the vegetable waste, the paper bags, the scraps and orts of the Market like prairie harvesters.’

Tell your story

Beauty and the Beat is about an interaction that makes a lasting impression.  Would you like to participate in the Beauty of that moment?

Offer an opinion.  We are always interested in what's interesting to you!


watch a rehearsal/come to a performance

Send an 'errant neighbor' story via email, it may be used in a future production.  If so, you get a credit line and a comp ticket.

Participate in the process.  Sit in at rehearsal, give us your feedback.


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7.21.2018 DC Theatre Scene
"a work marked by both wit and grace"


Next Steps...

Send an email, set up a time to view a rehearsal.