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beauty and the beat

“The moment is like a disaster waiting to happen”

An interaction haunts you.  Oddly, you recall the incident, a mere blip, tiny gasp.  The beauty of the moment is that it has a life of its own, like a disaster waiting to happen if a tree falls in a forest!

Physical and fun, Beauty and the Beat is about interchanges that make a lasting impression and presumptions that go way off course.  You wonder about the guy who lives next door; the one with the dying lawn and no children of his own.  Inspired by Tom Waits song "What's He Building in There," scenarios emerge of a neighbor whose presence is made larger than life.

For example, neighbor comes to the door, “sweaty, panting, and wearing a ribbed tank t-shirt, eating green grapes, and tells you to cut off the branches of your tree that hangs over his fence because of dropping pine needles and the disaster waiting to happen should the tree fall over!  It makes a big impression.”


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“The moment is like a disaster waiting to happen”