Betty Albright
Ken Hays, Kelly Hogan, Carrie Monger, Amy Scaringe

Our Story

We barely know each other.  We're neighbors.

Ort Productions is led by Betty Albright, aka Jane Franklin.  It is what it is.

With an arts and entertainment history in theatre, dance, art and media, music, literary projects and live performance, projects by Betty Albright have been seen in the mid-Atlantic region for the past twenty years but Ort Productions is organized around the notion of finding something new.
Beauty and the Beat is an experiment to combine spoken word, movement, humor and elements of participation into a somewhat cohesive theatrical experience.  The "Team" is supreme in all things ort.

But there's more to the story. 

Meet the Team


Betty Albright

Founder & CEO


Ken Hays

New to the area


Amy Scaringe

New to the area


Kelly Hogan

It is what it is


Carrie Monger

I saw what I saw

Jane Franklin


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